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About Karanja Kraft Paper

Karanja Kraft Paper company based in India engaged in manufacturing of Kraft Paper / Cartons used for making packaging boxes, cartons, paper bags, etc. Corrugated Paper manufactured from recycled paper and wholly recyclable, is a fantastic packaging choice for environmentally conscious companies looking to reduce plastic waste.

We provides durable and high quality paper to its clients at a fair price, but also aspires to precipitate our voluminous experience to supply quality papers. The special quality of its Kraft Paper is load bearing power which makes its most suitable for Corrugated packing purpose. Karanja  offer an impressive range of Kraft’s paper.


Product Specification


18 to 35

GSM Range

100 to 180

Deckle Machine

264 cms

Form of finished Product


End Users

Corrugated Boxes and Mono Cartons


36,000 metric tons annually

High Quality Kraft paper . Ranging from 100 - 180 GSM.

BF 18 to 35.

We Support "Save Trees" Thus 100% of Raw Material is Recycled

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